Quick-loading Solid Tire

- Feb 10, 2019-

Quick-loading solid tires are a special form of inflatable solid tires. It is easy to install and fast. Mainly used in foreign brands such as Linde, Clark, still and so on.

The inner edge of one side of the quick-fit solid tire is made of a special rubber ring (commonly known as "nose"), which acts as a snap ring for the integral steel ring. The apron has high strength and good toughness.

Fast-loading solid tires have high technical requirements. At present, there are not many qualified manufacturers, and due to production processes and technologies, some manufacturers' products are even more difficult to install than ordinary tires.

Therefore, the selection of products should pay attention to quality, installation and other issues, not to be confused by some low-quality products. Top Solid Tire is the leader in the field of fast-loading tires. Our goal is: no best, only better.