PU Foam Filled Tire

- Sep 24, 2019-

The PU foam filled tire is a two-component liquid polyurethane, which is injected into the tire by special equipment instead of all air, and then the polyurethane liquid is solidified into solid elastomer. Once formed, it can protect the tire from puncture, greatly reduce the cost of tire maintenance and replacement, and has a softer ride performance than solid rubber tires. No matter how harsh the conditions are, the foam filled tires can be unimpeded.

So how do PU foam filled tires work?

The foam filled liquid polyurethane pumps the tire through the valve system, replacing all the air, and then uses polyurethane to pressurize the tire to its working pressure. Within 24 hours, the mixture solidified into a soft elastic polyurethane elastomer.

Foam filled tires allow the tire to run smoother and colder than other tires. This means more durable tyres and better performance machines. In addition, foam filled tires allow operators to customize products to specific applications by selecting multiple hardness gauges, tread patterns and pressure options.