Precautions For Solid Tire Selection

- Apr 27, 2020-

Precautions for solid tire selection

There are many kinds of automobile tires now,the most widely used is pneumatic tires. In addition to pneumatic tires, there are many kinds of tires, solid tires are one of them. Solid tire is an industrial tire suitable for low-speed, high-load running vehicles. In addition to the characteristics of pneumatic tires, it also has low wear resistance, simple structure, no maintenance, no inflation,etc . Solid tires have better safety, durability, puncture resistance, tear resistance, and economy.

So, what are the precautions for solid tire selection?

1. Determine whether your vehicle is suitable for solid tires. Although solid tires have many advantages, they also have their limitations, such as not being able to high speed driving on the road, etc .

2. Choose the correct size and parameters. Because the installation parameters of solid tires and pneumatic tires are different, not all solid tires and pneumatic tires are interchangeable by customers, so you must confirm all installation parameters before selecting solid tires. Make sure you can fit your car;

3. When choosing solid tires, you must choose a big solid tire manufacturer, because the raw materials used by big solid tire manufacturers are mostly natural rubber, so the solid tires produced are guaranteed.

4. When confirming the purchase of solid tires, it is necessary to confirm the service life and related quality assurance with the manufacturer, so that you can buy it with confidence and use it with confidence.

Have you got the above selection of solid tires one by one? If you have more questions, please contact us or visit our factory .