Port Solid Tire

- Aug 18, 2020-

Port Solid Tire 

Port construction machinery usually uses high-load vacuum pneumatic tires and port-specific solid tires (also called pneumatic rim solid tires), but the use of pneumatic tires usually has the following problems:

1. Pneumatic tires need regular maintenance, which reduces the efficiency of the equipment;

2. The service life of pneumatic tires is relatively short, and it takes a lot of manpower and material resources to replace new tires;

3. The carrying capacity of pneumatic tires is lower than that of solid tires.

In addition, in places where the road environment is relatively harsh, such as the ground full of iron filings and waste slag, pneumatic tires are quite weak and have poor durability. Solid tires solve this problem well, with better durability, Explosion-proof, safety, strong load-bearing capacity, etc. are all its advantages.

Therefore, for the majority of users of port machinery, it is particularly important to choose a port-specific solid tire manufacturer.

Commonly used materials handling equipment in ports include forklifts, trailers, gantry cranes, etc. The solid tires used by different equipment will be very different. For example, the weight of solid tires for port trailers is generally 350-700kg, and the load-bearing requirement of a single tire at a driving speed of 10 kilometers per hour is generally about 6000kg-12000kg. Commonly used sizes are: 10.00-20, 11.00-20, 14.00-24 Wait.

In addition, due to the high humidity and high salt content of the port air, the requirements for the salt spray corrosion resistance of solid tires and steel rims are relatively high. If the port special solid tires are not used, the solid tires are easily corroded and the steel rims will quickly oxidize Rusty.

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Port solid tire