Pneumatic Forklift Tires VS Solid Forklift Tires VS Solid Cushion Tires

- May 26, 2020-

Pneumatic forklift tires VS Solid forklift tires VS Solid Cushion Tires

When choosing suitable tires for a forklift, the most common options are: pneumatic forklift tires, solid forklift tires for pneumatic rim(also called pneumatic solid forklift tire), and press-on band solid forklift tires(also called POB tires). There are obvious differences between these three types of tires, and all factors should be considered before choosing which tire to use.

Choosing the right tire will directly affect the operation and safety of the forklift. Most tires are specifically designed for specific forklifts, and forklifts are designed for specific applications .

Pneumatic forklift tires

Pneumatic forklift tires are similar to car or truck tires. They have a strong grip on rugged ground or undulating terrain, and are popular in construction sites and warehouses.

Solid forklift tires for pneumatic rim(Solid forklift tires )

Pneumatic solid forklift tires are tires that can be interchanged with pneumatic tires. Solid pneumatic forklift tires are made out of solid rubber. These tires are very durable and can’t be punctured or deflated, which makes them ideal for industries with sharp debris like recycling centers or lumberyards, they do not need to be inflated, will not be punctured, and do not need to be repaired, but the price is higher than pneumatic tires.

 Solid forklift tires

Press-On solid forklift tires(POB ,Solid Cushion Tires)

Most of the press-on solid forklift tires are made of smooth solid rubber and are installed around the metal belt. They are easy to maintain, but the traction of cushioned tires is weaker than pneumatic tires and is suitable for applications on smooth surfaces, such as indoors or port docks. They also help to operate in a smaller space because they help reduce the turning radius.

Solid Cushion Tires


Based on the above, before you buy a forklift for the first time, you need to consider various factors, such as what environment? Indoor or outdoor? How about the road?

All Topower forklift tires are designed with safety in mind, and we ensure that the product can be safely operated in all suitable working environments. If you have relevant requirements, please contact us.