​Pneumatic Forklift Solid Tire Or Press-on Forklift Solid Tire?How To Select?

- Dec 11, 2019-

When choosing the right solid tire for a forklift, the most common choices are pneumatic solid forklift tires or press-on solid forklift tiresalso called cushion solid tires. There are significant differences between these two types of tires and should be considered when evaluating which tire is best suited for your application.


Choosing the right tires will affect the operation and safety of the forklift. Most tires are designed for specific forklifts and are designed for specific uses or industries. There are many factors to consider before deciding what tire to use.


Pneumatic Solid Forklift Tires


Compared with traditional pneumatic tires, Pneumatic solid forklift tires have the advantages of  more durable,puncture resistance,higher load capacity,the life of which is almost three times as long as an ordinary pneumatic tire. Operating in many mines, steel mills, port terminals, construction sites Pneumatic solid forklift tires provide excellent performance and value.


Cushion Solid Forklift Tires(Press-on Solid Forklift Tires)


The surface of the press-on solid tires are made of smooth solid rubber and  are fitted around a metal band. They are easy to maintain but have less traction than pneumatic solidntires, especially outdoors. Press-on solid tires are best suited for smooth surface applications, mainly indoors or on loading docks. They also help operate in smaller spaces because they help reduce turning radius.

In summary, before you buy a forklift for the first time, determine whether a pneumatic or press-on solid tire  is better for you. Is it used indoors or outdoors, or both? Will it be used on flat or rough terrain? and many more.


Keep in mind that most forklifts require specific tires, so before you buy a forklift for the first time, do some research to make sure it works for you.

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