Parameters Of Solid Rubber Tire Rims

- Feb 25, 2020-

Generally, when purchasing a solid rubber tire wheel/rim, the first thing to look at is its related parameters. The parameters of a wheel mainly include: diameter, width, PCD and hole position, offset,  center holes:


I. Diameter: The size of the steel ring is actually the diameter of the steel ring. We often hear people say 15-inch steel ring and 16-inch steel ring. Among them, 15 and 16 inches refer to the size of the steel ring . If the size of the rim is large and the flatness of the tire is high, it can visually exert a good tension effect, and it will also increase the stability of the vehicle's handling. .


2. Width:the width of the hub is commonly known as the J value. The width of the hub will directly affect the choice of tires. For the same size tire, the J value is different, and the flatness ratio and width of the selected tire are also different.


3. PCD:The professional name of PCD is the pitch circle diameter, which refers to the diameter between the fixing bolts in the center of the hub. Taking 5 * 113 as an example, it means that the PCD of this wheel is 113mm, and the holes are 5 bolts.


4. Offset: commonly known as ET value, the distance between the mounting surface and the centerline of the wheel hub, this parameter can usually be found on the back of the wheel hub.

For general vehicles, the ET value is positive, and for a few vehicles and some jeep, it is negative.


5. Center hole: it is the large hole in the middle of the wheel hub.

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