Our Company Attended The 5th Meeting Of The Seventh Board Of Jiangsu Rubber Industry Association(JRIA)

- Dec 29, 2018-

Dec 29th.2018,JRIA held the 5th meeting of the seventh Board of Directors of JRIA in Changzhou in order to develop the work of JRIA and serve Jiangsu rubber enterprises better. The chairman of TOPOWER Company, Liu Genchun and technical department manager,Shen Genhua attended the meeting. 

 The president of the JRIA, Xu Haichao addressed at the meeting, The first agenda of the meeting was to review the new members, the Standing Council vice chairmen and held the licensing ceremony to discuss the 2019 JRIA training plans; To review the work plan of science and technology award selection of JRIA in 2019 and discuss the deep integration project of school and enterprise. 

The second agenda of the meeting was to discuss the development of rubber industry and the opportunities and challenges in the new situation. At the same time, the problems and countermeasures of rubber industry and the exploration of new environmental materials were discussed.

The participants were organized to visit and study after the meeting.

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