Method For Properly Storing Solid Tires

- Nov 17, 2018-

The storage of solid tires is not easy to place. If stored improperly, it will affect the service life of the tires. So how do you properly store solid tires? Let's learn how to properly store solid tires with Xiaobian.

1. First of all, in the storage of tires, they should be stored in batches according to production or storage time, first-in, first-out, and in order.

2. Secondly, when the tire is installed with the rim, it should be slightly inflated so that the tire can withstand a certain pressure.

3. Moreover, after a long period of storage, the tires are prone to some problems. For example, some tires may be used for a period of time after being idle for a period of time, which may cause an increase in driving noise. This is indeed a manifestation of the tires being stored incorrectly.

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the environment where the tires are stored, and should be stored in a dry warehouse to avoid sun and rain, and should not be excessively ventilated. Tires should be placed away from heat sources, power generation equipment, and areas where ozone can be generated to prevent accelerated oxidation of the tires. Tires cannot be placed together with flammable materials and chemicals such as oils, acids and alkalis.

The above is the method of properly storing solid tires introduced by solid tire manufacturers. I hope to help everyone. If you need, please contact us!