Load Capacity Of Solid Tires

- Apr 14, 2020-

Solid rubber tires and pneumatic tires (including radial tires and bias tires) both have their own advantages : Solid tire has large load capacity, puncture resistance and no need to repair. Pneumatic tire can run fast and has light weight. So how much is the load gap between pneumatic tire and solid rubber tire?


Generally speaking, the load of solid tire with the same specification is much higher than that of pneumatic tire. The specific data shall be determined according to the rubber material, formula, manufacturing process, rubber material,PR,etc..


Take the most commonly used 23.5-25 for example, at the speed of 10km / h, the single tire load of solid rubber tire is about 31000kg, while the single tire load of the most commonly used E3 / L3 pattern 24PR is only about 12500kg. Because of the absolute advantages of solid tire in load-bearing, solid tire is more and more widely used in various fields.

Available sizes: 3.00-5, 3.50-6250-15300-15, 11.00-20, 23.5-25, 15x5, 12x4, etc

Application:  AGV, Sweeper,Forklift, Trailer, Loader, Aerial work platform, etc

Load Capacity of Solid Tires