Load-bearing Solid Rubber Tires

- Mar 10, 2020-

 Because of its own advantages, solid rubber tires are often used as load-bearing solid rubber tires. Compared to ordinary  pneumatic tires, all-steel radial tires, semi-steel radial tires, bias tires, etc.Solid rubber tires  have owing advantages:

1.Adopt pure imported natural rubber, better performance;

2. Three layer rubber formula, more durable:

A. Wear and tear resistant compound help prevent chunking and chipping extent service life.

B. Special tough natural rubber compound for low heat built up result in cooler running tyre.

C. The inner special compounds give the optimum resilience for soft riding comfort.

3. More load-bearing capacity, no need to worry about puncture,  maintenance- free.

Topower has nearly 400 kinds of solid rubber tire sizes for load-bearing, which are widely used in all kinds of forklifts, trailers, aerial work platforms, loaders,etc.. 

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