Instructions For The Use Of Solid Tires

- Jun 20, 2019-

Solid tires are mainly used in off-road industrial vehicles and heavy duty vehicles used in ports, construction projects, mines, coal mines, metallurgical enterprises, etc. The most suitable speed is around 10 km/h,the maximum speed can not exceed 25 km/h, single driving distance should not exceed 2 km.

The following points should be paid attention to  the use of solid tires:

1. Avoid using solid tires on the same side and pneumatic tires on the other side.

2. Avoid using solid tires on one side and pneumatic tires on the other side of front or rear wheels.

3. The height of the tires on both sides must be the same, and the height should not be too different. It is better to use the same type of tires of the same brand.

4. The left and right tyres must be replaced at the same time. The new tyres and the old tyres should not be used at the same time .

5. When pressing the rim, do not apply oil on the rim surface or the bottom of the tire, and press the rim in the right way to avoid the deformation of the tire.

6. Vehicles with different operating environments and loads should choose solid tires of different models and performances.

7. Vehicles not suitable for using solid tires shall not install solid tires.