How To Use And Maintain Solid Tyres?

- Feb 04, 2021-

Tyre life is generally 3 years (about 60,000km).  According to the actual use environment and condition, the service life may be shorter.

 The main factors to judge whether the tyre has reached the service life cycle are tire pattern and wear mark. If the tire wear mark is exposed, it will leave a clear rubber mark on the path, which proves that the tire needs to replace. In addition, Using tire pattern ruler to measure the depth is also ok, if less than 2mm (some tires maybe only1.6mm), indicates the need to replace . This is because the tire grip force would be greatly weakened, which directly affects steering, braking and driving ability.

 Another factor related to tire life is time.

 The importance of tyres to a vehicle is self-evident. As the core components of vehicle steering, braking and driving, as well as the bearing body and other key purposes, each function is closely related to the control and safety of the vehicle. Therefore, the correct use and maintenance of tires is the basis for safety.

 If the tyre use frequency is low, the mileage is less, we don’t need to replace it? The answer is no. we still need to replace when the time comes to 3 years. This is mainly related to the shelf life of tyre products.

 When changing the tire, pay attention to the retreaded tyre.

 Due to some special factors in the domestic market, refurbished tyres in the after-sale "bulk" market are prevailing. General speaking, refurbished tires are not as wear-resistant and safe as new tyres, can be simply identified from the appearance: if the rubber line left in the processing process can be easily pull off ; if the tread is extremely smooth and bright.

 Make sure your tires are "consistent" when changing them.

 Generally speaking, do not change the tire parameters of the original car. If there is no way, it should be larger (that is, the size of the new tire should not be lower than the original tire).Another "consistency" of tyre change refers that all four wheels are changed at the same time, which is closely related to vehicle handling, stability and safety. For specific reasons (e.g.,tyres are still new but one is broken and you don't want to replace them all), also make sure to replace them in pairs, especially steering wheels and drive wheels, on both sides. Then there is the daily problem of fixing a tire.