How Solid Tires Manufacture Store Forklift Solid Tires

- Nov 11, 2020-

                                                                   How Solid Tires Manufacture Store Forklift Solid Tires


Solid tires are now used for low speed moving, high loading vehicles or machinery, but also for fixed position machinery. For solid tire rubber for the whole structure, to ensure the maximum tire puncture resistance, fundamentally eliminate the industrial vehicles in operation process and bearing tire puncture danger in the harsh environment. So, solid tires are famous for its long service life, high safety, excellent wear resistance and good cutting resistance. With these advantages, solid tyre is now widely used by forklifts, which can operate in almost all industrial conditions.


As for forklift solid tires, we cannot simply put away new or spared tyres, which could  reduce the service life. How are solid tires stored can tell us if the solid tires manufactures are professional.


Those newly unloaded solid tires should be stored in a dry warehouse, avoiding being exposed to the sun and rain. And we don’t need to open the window or door for some ventilation. As we see, large-scale solid tires warehouses are equipped with thermometers  (temperature set between -10 and 30 degrees Celsius) and hygrometers (relative humidity set between 50% and 80%).


At last, we should keep forklift solid tires away from heat source, power generation equipment and some place where has a risk of ozone relrease, protecting solid tyres from accelerated oxidation. More importantly, solid tires shouldn’t be placed with chemicals, such as flammable materials,oils,acids and alkalis.