How To Judge Whether Your Solid Tires Need To Be Replaced?

- Jun 18, 2020-

How to judge whether your solid tires need to be replaced?

Solid tires are important parts of forklifts, trailers, loaders, aerial work platforms, milling machines, etc. The quality of the tires determines the comfort and safety of the vehicle. So, under what circumstances do your solid tires need to be replaced? How to judge whether your solid tires need to be replaced? Let's take a look below, hope it’ll help you.

1. Tire markings wear excessively. There are slightly raised tread wear indicators at the bottom of the tread marking groove. If the tread rubber markings wear to the same height as these raised signs, the tire needs to be replaced, and continuous driving is no longer safe.

2. If excessively worn tires are used on wet roads, a "slippery scene" will occur, increasing the risk of uncontrolled driving. Due to excessively worn tires, the tread marks cannot drain the water under the tires, which can cause the vehicle to lose control.

3. The tires have deteriorated. If tread deformation or obvious cracks are found, then these tires need to be discontinued, and professional tire technicians should be checked in time to determine whether the tires can continue to be used.

4. The tire tack repair more than three times. One or two time repairs will not affect the use of the tires, but after more than three times, for safety reasons, it is recommended to replace the tires. Since the temperature inside the tire increases when driving at high speed, although the damaged area has been repaired, there is still a risk.

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