How Long Is The Service Life Of Solid Tires

- May 09, 2020-

Compared to pneumatic tires, solid tires have unique characteristics. Because the carcass is solid, they have higher load bearing, puncture resistance, maintenance-free, and higher wear resistance. Because of this, solid tires cost is also  higher. So,how long is the service life of solid tires? What factors affect the service life of solid tires?

1. Solid tire parameters

Each solid tire has its size and parameters, such as overall diameter, inner diameter, section width, etc. The load of the solid tires corresponding to different sizes and parameters will also be different, and the service life will also be different. Before solid tires, it is best to communicate with the manufacturer or seller about the parameters and load-bearing capacity of the purchased solid rubber tires to ensure that the later use process does not overload to ensure a longer service life.

2. Use environment

 Under different working conditions, how long the solid tires can be used varies, such as the concrete floor of the platform, indoor floor, outdoor places full of sharp stones, etc. In different environments, the service life of solid rubber tires will also vary.


3. Continuous working hours

The continuous working time and the frequency of use of solid tires will also affect the service life of solid tires. The use of solid tires with 24 hours of continuous high-intensity load will be very different from that of solid tires that only work for about 8 hours a day.


In addition, the life of a solid tire will also be affected by many factors such as the surrounding temperature, whether it is exposed to chemicals, the formula of the solid tire, and the manufacturing process.

The following is the relevant data from Topower R & D Center:

The service life of ordinary solid rubber tires is a minimum of 2000 hours and a maximum of 4000 hours;

The minimum service life of high-quality solid rubber tires is 4000 hours, and the maximum can reach more than 8000 hours. If you have other questions about how long is the service life of solid tires, please contact us.