How Long Do Solid Tires Last?

- Aug 05, 2019-

Generally speaking, the normal service life of tires is 4 to 5 years, after 5 years, even if the tread wear is very small, it is better to replace, because the tread rubber will age over a long period of time, and many small cracks are the cause of tire burst.

 According to the different tire rubber formula, vehicle environment and driving habits, the service life of tires will vary. So this requires us to pay more attention to driving at ordinary times, tire aging is also a sign. For example, the aging part of tread is mostly from the edge of the tire edge or shoulder. Long-term sunshine and rain will cause small circle cracks on the rubber surface. These cracks indicate that the bearing capacity and quality of the tire have begun to decline at this time. In order to reduce the risk of tire burst, it is better to replace the tire in advance.


Besides aging, tires also wear naturally. Therefore, the wear limit of the tire will be marked on the side of the tire before it leaves the factory to indicate the real-time wear condition of the tire. For tires without wear marks, we can also use calipers to measure. Tyres with groove depth less than 1.6 mm can no longer be used, because the drainage and anti-wear performance of the tires will be greatly reduced. In addition, if a tire has been repaired three or four times, we recommend that you change it to a non-driving wheel or rear wheel to reduce the risk of tire burst.


Of course, the life of tires is also closely related to whether they are normally used or not. First of all, we need to ensure that the tire is always under normal tire pressure, too low or too high tire pressure will bury hidden dangers to tire safety. We need to remind you not to believe what your eyes see, because most cars are now equipped with tubeless low-pressure radial tires, sometimes from the outside will feel a little flat, but it does not mean that there must be a lack of gas, professional tire pressure instrument is the only way to detect tire pressure. In addition, when testing tire pressure, it must be cold tire condition, if it is hot tire measurement, the measured value should be reduced by 0.3PA to be accurate.