Flow Chart Of Solid Tire Installation

- Nov 28, 2019-

Compared with pneumatic tires, solid tires have the following advantages:

1, puncture-resistant, explosion-proof tires, can be used in harsh environments in the workplace.

2, long service life, can reach 2-3 times the service life of conventional pneumatic tires.

3, The tire does not need to be inflated, is safe and reliable, and there are no dangerous situations such as flat tires.

4, maintenance-free; improve work efficiency! Reduce additional expenses.

5, Strong load capacity, about 20% higher than the load of pneumatic tires.

6, Solid tires have low starting resistance, simple structure, and easy to use and maintain.


So how to install solid tires?


The rims of solid tires also suitable for pneumatic tires . However, the installation and removal of solid tire must be completed with tire press machine. To ensure the safety and accuracy of the installation process, the following rules should be followed:


1. Inspection of tires and rims

First check the compatibility of the tire and the rim, that is, whether the tire specification and model to be installed are the same as the rim model. The rim width used by the tires of the same specifications are different, so please confirm them before installation. Inspection of the rim includes defects and burrs on the rim. If there is a burr, first polish it flat, otherwise it is easy to hang the tire hub and affect the installation and use.

2. In order to ensure that the tire can be installed in place smoothly and reduce friction with the rim, during the installation, the inside of the tire hub and the outer surface of the rim need to be sprayed and coated with lubricant. The lubricant can be selected from commonly used soapy water and washing powder water. Special lubricants for tires can be used under conditions, but oils and other common industrial lubricants must not be used, because they will swell rubber and damage the tire.

3. When the tire is placed on the rim, it should be flat and not tilted, otherwise it will be difficult to install, and it will swing left and right during use. The rim must be installed in place, and the bolts must be tightened, otherwise the slippery ring or tire rim separation may cause danger.

4. When the tires are mounted on the vehicles, they must be concentric. Manufacturers with different specifications and different tires cannot be mounted on the same vehicle or on the same axle, and cannot be mixed with pneumatic tires, otherwise it may cause personal injury and equipment accidents.


 Solid Tire Installation Flowchart of Jiangsu Topower Wheel Co., Ltd. :