Flame Retardant Tires From Solid Tires Factory

- Jan 08, 2021-

Flame retardant tires are commonly used in fire trucks. With the development of national economy, more and more high-rise buildings appear. We often hear some building catch fire on TV, and see some Fire trucks are on the fire scene. These trucks need to carry out life rescue and property protection in the fire, so the flame retardant performance of tires has a higher demand.


The flame retardant performance is used on pneumatic tires. Whether is it used on solid tires? Now let solid tires manufactures tell you the answer.


The high-temperature solid waste produced by steel mills in the production of steel requires industrial vehicles to carry out, such vehicles need to install flame retardant solid tires to achieve safe, reliable and efficient operation.


The flame retardant solid tire adopts special compound formula, so its flame retardant performance is significantly improved compared with that of ordinary tire, reaching the high level of flame retardant.


The tire structure has also been improved to significantly enhance the strength of carcass to ensure efficient and stable operation of the solid tire in the above harsh environment.


In Topower, flame retardant solid tire is the best among the best, using our unique advanced formula, and all kinds of process requirements are extremely strict, to ensure that the tire can work longer in the high temperature environment with sparks flying.