Explosion-proof Tire

- Apr 09, 2020-

The explosion-proof tire is also called "run flat tyre". It used to be used in military vehicles and special vehicles. At present, more and more SUV also use explosion-proof tires, which are commonly used in pneumatic tires.


The inflated tyre wall is the main part to support the weight of the vehicle. Once the tyre bursts or the tyre wall breaks, the tyre loses its supporting force instantly, and the vehicle's center of gravity changes immediately. The instantaneous center of gravity transfer is likely to cause the vehicle out of control. The configuration of "explosion-proof tyre" for the vehicle solves the worrying safety problem to the greatest extent.


When the explosion-proof tire is deflated, the vehicle can still drive 80-120km at a speed of 40-80km / h. how is the explosion-proof tire made?


At present, there are two kinds of commonly used explosion-proof supports: high polymer material and solid rubber. Even in the case of bullet breakdown, the vehicle can continue to drive, ensuring the safety of vehicles and passengers.


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