Do You Know What The Army's Artillery Tyres Look Like?

- Jul 04, 2019-

Looking at the video of some military exercises, we can see that when the army uses the artillery, there are tires at the bottom of the artillery like cars, so many people will ask: Is this kind of tire like our ordinary car tires need to be inflated?

The real situation is that this kind of artillery tire does not need to be inflated, and it is different from the tire used in our car. It is a solid rubber spongy solid tire!

When artillery was first invented, it mostly used solid wood tyres or metal tyres, but these tyres had poor cushioning effect on artillery recoil force, and the road adaptability was not good. They were easily trapped in mud or snow. So after the popularization of automobiles, rubber tyres were grafted onto the artillery. At that time, the pneumatic tire was not suitable for the battlefield environment. The pneumatic tire was easy to explode, and the tire change seriously affected the operational efficiency. So the sponge and rubber material were filled in the wheel , which is the solid rubber spongy  tire.

The advantage of this kind of tire is that it is not as bulky as solid tire and does not need to be inflated. It has the advantages of both solid tire and inflated tire. It saves a lot of time and the speed is faster. Rubber spongy solid tire can only be used in the field in actual war. Generally, military vehicles are ordinary use inflated tires. Otherwise,if use this kind of solid tire every day, the cost is too high, not cost-effective!

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