Differences Between Premium And General Solid tires

- Feb 26, 2021-

At present, there are many kinds of solid rubber tires on the market, and the price of same-size and specifications is very different. In the process of choosing solid tires, we should choose high one or low one? Do you worry about the quality when choosing a cheap one? When choosing an expensive one, you may worry about spend more. How do you distinguish between them ?


1.Rubber content varies

Rubber content refers to the ratio of rubber to the whole of tyre formula. High-quality solid rubber tire rubber content is about 55%; normal quality is around 45%.


2. Physical property indicators

1) The tensile strength: The high grade rubber material is above 22MPa, and the general quality is above 18MPa, improving by more than 22%.

2) Wear properties of tread (Akron): The high grade rubber material is within 0.18m³, and the general quality is within 0.3m³; the wear-resisting performance is improved by 40% comparing to general quality.


3. Premium-quality solid tires: good elasticity, low heat generation. In the process of running, heat is generated slowly inside the tire, which can support industrial vehicles work for a long time, suitable for high frequency work places, while normal-quality tyres are suitable for clearance work.