Difference Between Solid Tire And Pneumatic Tire In Loading Capacity

- Dec 16, 2020-

                                            Difference between Solid Tire and Pneumatic Tire in Loading Capacity


Solid tires and pneumatic tires (including radial tires and bias tires) have their own advantages. By comparing them, we have following findings: 1) Rubber as the whole structure makes the solid tires more wear-resistant, without the risk of puncture, and more importantly, maintenance free. So solid tires are suitable for many harsh environments, such as steel mill, lumber mill and seaports full of sharp glasses and stones. But nowadays, solid tires are only used by low-speed, high loading industrial vehicles.2) As we all know, pneumatic tires are widely used by cars. They have higher speed and lower weight, but are easily punctured. This a metaphor between them. When we are running, pneumatic tires are like sports shoes, while solid tires are like hiking shoes.


Today we compare their loading capacity.

Generally speaking, solid tires have much more higher loading capacity when these two tires are in the same size. What kind of rubber, formulation and process technique used by solid tires and pneumatic tires also have some effects.


23.5-25 tire are usually used by 5ton wheel loader. At the speed of 10kilometers per hour, the loading capacity of solid tire is about 31000kg,while the pneumatic tire is only about 16000kg. This is why solid tires are now widely used in industrial sites.


with the development of rubber technology , we are sure that solid tires will become lighter in the future.