Cured-On Solid Tyre Widely Used By Aerial Work Platform

- Oct 27, 2020-

Nowadays cured-on solid tyre is widely used by aerial work platform.


Aerial work platform is a dedicated platform which can help operators perform aerial work. It covers plenty of fields, such as construction,overhaul of large equipment,outdoor & indoor operation, electricity, communication, warehouse logistics. You can see a lot of types, including vertical mast lift, DC scissor lift, RT scissor lift, articulating boom and telescopic boom.

So, what kind of tires are used in aerial work platform at present? Because of its particularity and the extremely high requirement for safety, ordinary pneumatic tires can not meet these requirements, while Solid Tyres can do it.


Solid tire is a kind of specially made automobile tire, which is mainly suitable for anti riot vehicles, cash carts, anti terrorist vehicles, engineering vehicles, forestry machinery and other vehicles. The solid tire is now only used for low-speed, high load with harsh operating conditions of industrial vehicle, but also for fixed position machinery. Its whole structure uses engineering design to ensure the maximum tire puncture resistance, fundamentally protect the industrial vehicles in operation process and bear tire puncture risk in the harsh environment.

 As one type of solid tyres, cured-on solid tyre (or lift wheel) refers to rubber directly vulcanized on the rim of the tyre, which has all features of solid tyres, safety, heat resistance, cutting resistance, excellent traction and most importantly, maintenance-free performance, which can ensure the process working smoothly.

 Cured-on solid tyre can be also made into non-marking tyre with colorful rubber compound, which are dedicatedly designed to operate where clean floors are a priority. No mark is left on the ground when it is running or braking, such as pharmacy, catering trade, textile, etc.


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