Comparison Of Solid Tires With Traditional Tires

- Oct 17, 2017-

Solid tires have high elasticity, heat dissipation, good wear resistance, very good stability function, touch the ground more area, strong ability to grasp the ground. The solid tire has long service life, low deformation rate, less impact on forklift truck, reduced forklift repair cost and increased driver comfort. Compared with the traditional tires, the price list of solid tires tells us that the advantages of solid tires are mainly reflected in the price of tires:

1. imported fiber glue as the base rubber tire, improved tire heat function, so that the operation of heat of tire is greatly reduced: solid tire and rim is through the interference cooperation pressure loaded to a piece of high heat, the matrix will cause the tire slip ring occurs swell. Fiber glue has the advantages of good rigidity, high hardness, good stiffness, small deformation, small expansion coefficient and low heat build-up, thus fundamentally eliminating the sliding circle phenomenon caused by the heat expansion of the hub caused by the tire heat.

2. tire off block and the gap is formed by many factors, in addition to occur in the process of using flawed and other external factors, internal cause is mainly because the aging of rubber forming, and the first to heat aging and light aging. The use of fiber glue reduces the heat generation of solid tires, and then eliminates the cracks caused by heat aging damage to the rubber, falling blocks and other scenes.