Clean Up Debris From Solid Tires

- Sep 24, 2020-

Because solid tires rub against the road for a long time, it is inevitable that stones and other debris will be embedded in the tire grooves. When driving, the debris in the tire will also rub against the ground and make a pattering sound. Does the debris in the groove of the solid tire need to be sorted out? What are the hazards?

Affecting driving: Although the solid tread is more resistant to puncture, the embedded debris will affect the balance and comfort of driving, which will lead to safety accidents.

Affect drainage: solid tire grooves can act as a water guide when driving in rainy weather, ensuring that solid tires can quickly throw off the liquid on the tires when driving through stagnant water, and ensure that the grip of solid tires will not drop too much. many. If too much gravel is embedded in a solid tire, the drainage of the tire will be significantly reduced, causing the tire to skid and cause a safety accident.

Noise: Because the sound produced by the tire is relatively small during normal travel, and the rubber tire is softer than that, it will be different after being embedded in the stone. The gravel in the groove will follow the tires rolling and rubbing on the ground to produce noise.

In addition, solid tire-related vehicles usually carry heavier cargo. For example, forklift solid tires carry the weight of the entire forklift and forklift cargo, solid tires for loaders, solid tires for skid steer loaders, solid tires for trailers, and solid tires for milling machines. And so on, if you dont clean up the debris in the tires in time, when a vehicle using solid tires is loaded, it will directly affect the driving comfort and balance of the driver, generate noise, and affect wheel drainage. Therefore, we should regularly Pay attention to clean up the debris in the solid tire to avoid potential safety hazards.