Ranking of 2019 China Tire Enterprises Released

- Aug 26, 2019-

On August 21-23, the China Rubber Industry Association (CRIA) held a forum on green, digital and high-quality innovation and development of rubber industry and the ranking conference of Chinese tire enterprises in 2019 in Yinchuan. The theme of the conference was "Green Intelligence, innovation and transformation", and nearly 100 related enterprises participated in the conference.


In recent years, the development environment of China's rubber industry has become more and more complex, and international trade friction has become more serious. Resources, energy, environment, safety, labor costs and other factors have increasingly become constraints on the development of rubber industry. On the one hand, the country's requirements for safety and environmental protection are becoming more and more stringent, and greening has become an irreversible trend; on the other hand, the difficulty of recruitment and high labor costs force enterprises to transform to high-quality intelligent, and the application of big data is becoming more and more important for enterprises. At the same time, to meet the new requirements of green, digital and high-quality development, domestic rubber enterprises need to break through the technical bottleneck, innovate and develop, and realize transformation and upgrading.

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The conference focused on tires, bicycle tyres, rubber belts, rubber products, rubber shoes, comprehensive utilization of waste rubber, rubber additives, carbon black, rubber materials, rubber machinery and moulds, and invited well-known experts at home and abroad to conduct in-depth discussions and exchanges on green environmental protection, big data application, high-quality development, etc.

At the same time,China Rubber Industry Association,published the "China Tire Enterprise Rank of 2019" and Jiangsu Topower Wheel Co., Ltd. ranked 52nd.