Better To Use Solid Tire Or Inflatable Tire For Your Forklift Truck?

- Aug 22, 2019-

Forklift trucks are equipped with inflatable tires, which are the most widely used, and the price is much cheaper than solid tires, but inflatable tires also have certain defects; for example, in places where the road surface is more chaotic, such as ground debris, iron scraps, waste residue and so on, inflatable tires show considerable weakness. It has poor durability and can easily cause tire burst.

Then, solid tires can solve this problem very well. Its advantages are better durability, explosion-proof, safety, strong weighing ability and so on.

Therefore, many customers want to buy forklift trucks with solid tires, so that it can be better suited to various working conditions. Of course, the price of solid tires is much higher than that of inflatable tires, which is about three times the price of ordinary inflatable tires. For a 3-ton, 3-meter diesel forklift truck, it would cost about $400 more to replace the original three inflatable tires with ordinary solid tires.

Therefore, it seems that there is no absolute advantage or disadvantage, but need to be based on the actual use of the purchase. If the ground is too poor, the wear resistance and tie resistance of ordinary pneumatic tire can not be achieved, then solid tire is a good choice.