AWP Classification Characteristic And Tire Selection

- Oct 08, 2019-

Aerial work platform (AWP), also known as aerial equipment,elevating work platform  (EWP), mobile elevating work platform (MEWP), is a mechanical device for people or equipment temporarily into inaccessible areas, usually refers to height. At present, the most commonly used in construction machinery are scissors lifts and boom lifts.

Before AWP, scaffolding was the main form of activity in the workplace. 1970, Grove and JLG industries have sold their first aerial work platform at Fort.

The operator's power-assisted drive (such as installation) and lifting functions are controlled by the operator, who can be located either on the workbench itself or on the control panel at the bottom of the unit. Some models are equipped with a panel or a remote control at both locations, allowing operators to select locations. If for any reason the operator is at a high altitude and unable to operate its control device, the bottom control panel can also serve as a safety function. Even if there is no model of control panel installed on the base, there is usually some emergency switch, which allows manual reduction of elevators during emergency or power failure (usually by releasing hydraulic or pneumatic pressure). Controls vary by model, but are usually buttons or joysticks. These types and complexities will depend on the functionality that the platform can perform. Controls can control vertical motion, lateral motion, rotational motion (cardinal direction), platform/basket movement - normally, the system will automatically leveling the platform, regardless of the position of the suspender, but some systems allow Overcontrol and tilt 90 degrees when working in difficult positions.

So what kind of tyres shoule be used to work on the aerial platform?

Because of the high safety requirements, ordinary vacuum tire or pneumatic tire will face great risks once punctured, so  AWP usually use solid tire or polyurethane foam filled tire(PU foam filled tire), so even if the tire is punctured, it will not be dangerous.

Most commonly used scissor lifts tires are: 12x4.5, 15x5, 16x5, 200x8, 22x7x173/4, 230x80, 230x100, 406x125 an so on.

 Most commonly used  boom lifts tires are 9-14.5, 10-16.5, 12-16.5, 355/55D625, 445/50D710, etc.,which can also be replaced by solid tires 31x10-16, 33x12-20, 36x14-20, 36x14-24,385/65-24,etc..

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