Application Of Solid Tires

- Jul 20, 2020-

Application of solid tires

On the highway, most of the tires we see are inflated, and few solid tires can be seen, but the application range of solid tires is very wide.


Forklift: forklift usually needs to carry heavy goods, and it is frequently used. Imagine what would happen if a forklift truck full of cargo suddenly burst. In order to avoid such a situation, many forklifts, especially electric forklifts, are increasingly using forklift solid tires.

Trailer: from small trailer to port container trailer, the load requirements of trailer are usually higher, and the safety performance requirements are also high, so more and more solid tires are used to replace the original pneumatic tire.


Aerial work platform: Whether it is a scissor aerial work platform or boom aerial work platform, or other aerial work platforms, because someone is working on the aerial platform, in order to ensure the safety of personnel during operation, the requirements for tires are also very high At present, there are two types of solid tires commonly used in aerial work platforms: solid rubber tires and polyurethane-filled tires, which ensure that the tires will not blow out, and there will be no danger of air leakage.


Loaders: Loaders usually run in harsh environments and contain dozens of tons of sand and gravel. If a pneumatic tire is punctured or scratched, the time and labor costs for maintenance will be quite high. Therefore, solid tires It is a good choice.

Solid tires are also widely used in vehicles such as milling machines, sweepers, skid steer loaders, etc. You can also often see solid tires in airport boarding bridges, ports, mines, steel mills, and waste disposal plants. Replace your vehicle with a tire with higher load capacity and higher safety performance. I believe solid tires will be a good choice. If you have any questions,welcome to contact us.