Aerial Work Platform Tires Market Analysis

- Jun 12, 2020-

Aerial work platform tires market analysis

Aerial work platform is a special aerial work equipment, including scissor lifts , boom lifts,telehandlers ,etc.

As the requirements for safe construction continue to increase and labor costs rise, the demand for aerial work platforms by construction companies has also increased significantly. The application of products is more and more extensive, and it has broad prospects in many mechanized construction fields such as decoration and maintenance of building exterior walls, large objects (ships, aircrafts), maintenance and overhaul, large venues, and prefabricated buildings.

China's aerial work platform industry is developing rapidly. The data shows that the market size of China's aerial work platform in 2019 is 5.505 billion yuan, of which the domestic domestic brand product market size accounts for about 60% of the total domestic scale during the same period; imported and foreign brand products account for About 40%. Among them, Zhejiang Dingli occupies the largest share of the domestic market, and internationally renowned enterprises such as Terex and JLG also have very strong competitiveness.

JLG and Terex have a competitive advantage in mid- to high-end products, especially in the dominance of arm platforms. As overseas leaders continue to invest in China, the intensity of domestic competition has continued to increase. Domestic traditional platform manufacturers Dingli, SINOBOOM, Runshare, etc. are actively developing new technologies and new products, while adhering to domestic shares and actively marching into the world; traditional construction machinery companies have also begun to enter the aerial work platform market, XCMG Machinery, Pro The Industrial Group and Zoomlion have worked hard, and even non-traditional construction machinery companies represented by BYD want to take a slice of the aerial work platform.

Looking at the global aerial work platform market, it is currently divided into two major categories: Europe and North America and other countries and regions. The European and North American markets have a higher level of economic development, more complete production safety standards, and have the world's top aerial work platform manufacturers. Currently, they mainly complete consumption through leasing and have high barriers to entry.

For markets outside the second category of Europe and North America, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Australia are more mature in the aerial work platform market. Except for Japan’s Aichi, which is an internationally renowned aerial work machinery manufacturer, the other three countries are imported Terex , JLG and other international famous manufacturers' products. Most of the aerial work platform markets in the remaining countries have not yet matured, nor are there any well-known local aerial work platform manufacturers, and the aerial work platform penetration rate is low. With the increasing demand for its infrastructure construction, these market potentials are very optimistic and are expected to become a key growth area for the global aerial work platform industry.

With the expansion of the aerial work platform market, the demand for aerial work platforms tires supporting is also increasing.