Advantages Of Solid Tire With Apertures

- Jan 27, 2020-

As we all know, solid tire is a kind of industrial tire suitable for low-speed and high load operation vehicles. It is widely used in various industrial vehicles, construction machinery, ports, airports, railways, large and medium-sized industrial and mining enterprises and various cargo loading and unloading workplaces in the fields of flat and towing vehicles with the characteristics of long service life, puncture resistance and maintenance free.

Why are more and more loaders,forklifts and aerial work platforms using solid tires with side holes? This is because solid tyre with side holes have the following advantages:

1. The design of side hole makes the heat dissipation faster: the solid tire rubber material is thick, and the thermal conductivity of rubber is general. In the operation process, the difference between high and low temperature is easy to be too large, and the side hole effectively solves this problem;

2. Better elasticity and more comfortable driving: solid tire has higher hardness and general shock absorption performance. Side hole greatly improves driving comfort and vehicle shock absorption

So, there are also many customers will encounter such problems. Will the small holes on the side of the tire affect the load capacity of the tire?

       The answer is No. The design of the side hole of top solid tire is to increase the side hole, improve the heat dissipation and shock absorption on the basis of ensuring the original load through repeated tests and measurements


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