Advantages Of PU Foamed Filled Tyre

- Mar 24, 2021-

The low hardness polyurethane elastomer is used to fill the ordinary pneumatic tire. Because the hardness of the filling material is usually only Shaw A10-20 degrees, this kind of tire not only has the characteristics of solid tire, but also has good cushioning performance and large load capacity. It has the vibration reduction performance similar to pneumatic tire and can be used for driving at a higher speed (up to 80 km/h).

 1. The tire has no puncture and maintenance and shutdown problems.

2, Better ride comfort, small rolling fatigue, large ground area to improve the traction performance of the tire .

3. It has excellent shock absorption performance when driving on uneven roads, and provides the wear resistance and good thermal stability of tires.

4, In the lifting operation has a good weight effect, improve the tire operating stability and traction performance, at the same time the tire has a better durability, the use of the tire is not affected by the weather and other reasons.

5, Because the tire effectively reduces the tire burst, solid tire fixed bolt hole increase, shock spring, axle damage and vehicle structure damage probability, so the tire maintenance cost is reduced.

6, improve tire performance, reduce tire wear, and has excellent thermal stability.