Abnormal Wear Of Solid Rubber Tires& Solutions

- Dec 30, 2019-

 Industrial solid tires are consumables. They are in deep contact with rough roads every day. Wear is naturally inevitable and must be replaced after a period of use. However, some abnormal wear conditions will shorten the service life of the tire,  and sometimes the hidden faults of the vehicles can be found from the degree of tire wear, so it must not be taken lightly. Generally speaking, if there is no problem with your vehicle , the wear of the tires should be uniform. If the wear of your vehicle tires is not uniform, then there may be a problem. 

1. Excessive wear on both sides of the solid  tire: The main reason is  long-term overload. When the amount of inflation is small or the load is heavy, the contact surface of the tire with the ground is large, so that both sides of the tire are in contact with the ground to work and form early wear.

2. Excessive wear on one side of the solid tire: The main cause is misalignment of the front wheels. When the camber angle of the front wheel is too large, the outer side of the tire forms early wear. When the camber angle is too small or not, the inner side of the tire forms early wear ...

3. Zigzag wear on the solid tire tread: The main reason is that the front wheel is not adjusted properly, the front suspension system is out of position, the ball is loose, etc., which causes the normally rolling wheel to slide or the wheel positioning to continuously change during driving, resulting in a tire zigzag abrasion.

4. Individual solid tires have a large amount of wear: abnormal suspension systems of individual wheels, curved support parts, or imbalance of individual wheels will cause early wear of individual tires. After this occurs, the position of worn wheels, the operation of independent suspension springs and shock absorbers should be checked, and the cycle of wheel rotation should be shortened.

5. Alopecia areata wear occurs on solid tires: The reason for alopecia areata wear in individual parts of the tire is the poor balance of the tire. When an unbalanced wheel rotates at high speed, some parts are subject to large forces, which accelerates wear and tear, and at the same time, the steering is not smooth, and the handling performance becomes poor. If there is a slight jitter in a certain speed direction during driving, the wheels should be balanced to prevent alopecia areata. The above is the relevant content introduced by the small tire manufacturer Xiaobian, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.