Run Flat Inserts

Run Flat Inserts

Topower Runflat Inserts provide the vehicle capability to continue journey for extended distance while experiencing one or more deflated or damaged tires hit by an Amour Piercing Rounds or a tire blast.They can still run 100-150 km at 40-50 km/h when deflated . Widely used in various types of military vehicles such as wheeled infantry fighting vehicles, armored transport vehicles, missile transport vehicles, and anti-explosion vehicles of the armed police. When the tire is punctured, it can immediately bear the role of supporting the load of the car body, so that the car can continue to travel for a certain distance to reach a safe place and meet the tactical requirements.
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Run Flat Inserts

Topower Runflat Inserts comply China national tandards ,we custom manufacture Runflat Inserts for cars,SUV,trucks,,armored transport vehicles,Special Purpose Vehicles as per your specific requirements.

Topower Three Types Runflat Inserts

1.Single Piece Solid Rubber Runfalt Inserts

1pcs run flat insert

IMG_5322 - 副本

2.Two Pieces Polymer & Solid Rubber Runfalt Inserts

2pcs run flat insert

2pcs run flat insert-2

3.Three Pieces Polymer Runfalt Inserts

2pcs run flat insert-3runflat insert

IMG_6020 - 副本

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