Why chose solid tyre

- Aug 03, 2018-

Tire is one of the most important components on a forklift. It supports the full weight of the vehicle, withstands the load on the forklift and transmits forces and moments in other directions. The traction of the traction and braking is transmitted to ensure good adhesion between the wheel and the road surface to improve the power, braking and passage of the forklift. Then why do forklifts have to use solid tires?

1 to ensure that the tires have better performance: Because the solid tires are designed with advanced three-stage structure, the three rubbers ensure the overall performance of the tires. The high rigidity and high strength base rubber and steel ring support not only ensure the stiffness of the tire, but also ensure the tightness of the tire and the rim, and fundamentally eliminate the slip ring problem of the tire.

    2 Advanced technology and formula design: Solid tire production has more than half century of production history and experience of advanced technology, in the rubber formula design to maximize the use of tires, especially the base rubber is all imported high rigidity Low-heating rubber compound, the heat and temperature of the tire during operation are minimized, and the heat resistance of the tire is improved.

    3 Conducive to improve work efficiency: Because the solid tire carcass is made of all rubber, the puncture resistance of the tire is ensured to the utmost extent, and the tires of the industrial vehicle during the carrying operation and in the harsh working environment are fundamentally eliminated. Pierce the hidden dangers. The load is small and the running stability is good. Because it is resistant to thorns and tears, it does not need to be inflated, avoiding the heavy labor of frequent tire replacement and tire change, and can improve the utilization rate and work efficiency of the vehicle.

    Because solid tires have the advantages of high safety, puncture resistance, tear resistance, wear resistance and long service life compared with pneumatic tires, they are an ideal replacement for pneumatic tires in the industrial vehicle field. With the development of industrial vehicles and the improvement of solid tire production technology, such tires are becoming more and more widely used.