What kind of problems will happen to the solid tires commonly?

- Apr 08, 2019-

Here is a look at what kind of problems will happen to the inferior solid tires commonly,hope it will be useful to you :

1)  Discoloration:especially happened to the white pneumatic non-marking tires .

2Edge broken

3Slip: the tire diameter is too big or the rim diameter is small, which causes the tire and the rim to produce the relative displacement.

4 Release Welding: press on solid tire steel rim weld out welding, the  connection place of pneumatic solid tire steel rim crack.

5 Partial wear: the wear and tear of the driving surface after used is not consistent between the left and right sides.

Our company is a solid tire factory,We specialize in solid forklift tyres,OTR tyres and aerial work platform wheels for 20 years.

Our Pneumatic Solid Tire is suitable for various forklift trucks and other industrial vehicles which avoid all of the problems above:

 1.Advanced tread compound based on top quality grades of natural rubber.Delivers reuduced rolling resistance,optimum tear strength and high abrasion resistance.

 2.Resilient center compound encapsulated by tread rubber of total pretection.Provides strong absorption for increased driver comfort and reduced truck maintenance.

 3. Super base compound with high tensile creel beads designed to reduce heat build up and increase torque resistance for secure and safe fitment to the rim.Maxmum hardness insuring exceptional stability and lower deflection.

The above is about solid tire problems, if you want to learn more about solid tire, welcome to contact us.