To avoid forklift tire wear method

- Oct 17, 2017-

1, cargo loading should be balanced to prevent tire overloading. The tire pressure can not be compensated by increasing the tire pressure.

Master the load and pressure standard, keep forklift with technical conditions, good normal driving, the reasonable selection and collocation of tire and reasonable loading, abnormal wear can effectively prevent tires, prolong the service life of tires.

2, reasonable selection and collocation of tires

In addition to the forklift tire specifications of static load and dynamic load of forklift forklift according to weight and weight of driving, but also consider the factors of road and vehicle; tire rim should be installed in the specifications on the same axle assembly; should be the same brand, specifications, patterns and levels of the tire; tire vehicle should be installed coaxial cross dressing; used tires should be matched with the maximum design speed; the tires, front wheel assembly, less trauma should wear light, the tire wheel assembly should be less trauma, mild wear of tires, tires, according to the requirements for position to re adjust the air pressure; should be based on appropriate driving conditions tread; installation of tyre, should pay attention to the direction of the rolling wheel mark.

3, the maintenance quality of high chassis

Timely wheel positioning inspection and correction, ensure the toe and camber comply with the design requirements; check whether the rim cracking, deformation and obvious corrosion, if have, should be promptly repaired or replaced with high quality rims, ensure the rim and tire matching; according to the provisions of timely filling of lubricating grease and adjust wheel bearings, tie rod, the main pin bushing clearance to the design value; balanced tires, such as the imbalance response wheel dynamic balance test; regular exhaust valve inspection, to determine whether the tire has oil inlet, once found in tire into the oil, should immediately remove the tire cleaning, and check the gas seal, winter tires will tire in the greenhouse the tire product elasticity and apply liquid soap in the mouth into the tire rim, to prevent damage to lift export; New Taiwan should wear after driving about 200km before normal use; for The car brake drum shoe clearance should be adjusted to the design value, no drag; hub and brake hydraulic cylinder should be no leakage and prevent the oil onto the wet rubber tire wheel assembly; the transverse and radial swing momentum should meet the requirements.

4, improve the driver's driving skills

The start should be smooth, the clutch pedal should be slowly lifted; the speed of the car can not exceed the tire speed limit; the speed should be avoided as much as possible; emergency braking and rapid steering should be avoided as far as possible. During driving, pay attention to the coarse, sharp and sharp materials scattered on the road.