Three different categories of solid tires

- Oct 17, 2017-

Solid tire is a kind of specially made automobile tire, which is mainly suitable for special vehicles such as anti riot vehicles, cash carts, anti terrorist vehicles, engineering vehicles, forestry machinery, etc.. The solid tire is only used for low speed high load vehicles or machinery, but also for fixed position machinery, such as forklift tires are solid tires, solid tires mainly in the following three categories:

1, the solid tire is generally divided into two types of bonding and non bonding, the former refers to rubber directly vulcanized on the rim of the tire, the latter refers to the tire after vulcanizing and then fixed on the rim;

2, solid tire according to the shape of cylindrical solid tire and inclined bottom solid tire two kinds;

3, solid tires according to the use of anti-static, conductive, oil resistant, high load solid tires, environmental protection traceless solid tires.

The solid tyre is solid except for the few hollow cores that maintain the center of gravity.