The value of solid tires

- Oct 17, 2017-

Now more and more coal enterprises, mines under the use of tires must be able to wear, thorns, long service life. Rubber tires in the use of the process exposed the shortcomings of short service life, wear resistance, stab strength is poor, especially in the mine work, often lead to the occurrence of tire blowout phenomenon. And solid tires just make up for this shortcoming. Let's look at the value of environmentally friendly tires.

Mine engineering tires are made of solid tires, which are used to make solid tires and reinforced filled tires. On the one hand, it satisfies the wear resistance, stab resistance, scratch resistance, good elasticity and high bearing characteristics of the mining tires, on the other hand, it solves the hidden safety problems caused by the tire burst in the traditional pneumatic tires. It also makes up for the defects of easy bulging and poor resilience of rubber foam filled tires. So as to improve the service life of the tire and reduce the cost of tire replacement, it is the first choice for the poor environment engineering tires in the mine.

The solid tire has long service life, low deformation rate, reduces the maintenance cost of the vehicle and increases the driver's comfort. Solid tire is suitable for low speed and high load operation of the vehicle tire industry, with the characteristics of long service life, high safety coefficient, abrasion resistance, tear resistance, fatigue resistance, maintenance free and is widely used in various kinds of industrial vehicles, engineering machinery, port, airport, railway and large and medium-sized industrial and mining enterprises and all kinds of goods place of loading and unloading operation panel and towed vehicles etc..