Solid tires in which circumstances must be replaced

- Oct 17, 2017-

Generally speaking, the solid tire is the key component of the car driving, and the quality of the tire directly determines the comfort and safety of the car. The importance of the tire is self-evident, so what circumstances need to change the tire?

First, tire pattern wear to the limit. The tread tread groove has a slightly protruding tread wear indication mark at the bottom, with a height of 1.6 millimeters. If the tread rubber block is worn to the height of the markings, you should immediately change the tire, because it is no longer safe to continue driving.

Two, the use of worn tires on the slippery road, will occur "water floating phenomenon", increase the risk of driving out of control.  Because of the excessive wear of tires, tread patterns can not discharge the water below the tire, which will lead to vehicle out of control.

Three, tires have been aging. If the tire deformation or obvious cracking phenomenon, please immediately stop the use of these tires, and timely professional tire technicians to check to determine whether the tire can continue to use.

Four, tire nail repair more than three times. One or two times the tire will not affect the usage of tyre, but more than three times, due to security considerations suggest that the replacement of tires. Because when the speed is high, the temperature inside the tire rises, the damage is too much, although it has been made up, but still increase the risk of occurrence.