How to determine the tire life and wear degree

- Oct 17, 2017-

In general, the normal use of the tire life is four to five years, after five years if the tread pattern wear is small and the best change, because the rubber tire for a long time and aging, and many tiny crack tire is due to the cause.

A tire is a ring shaped elastic rubber product that is grounded and rolled on various vehicles or machinery. Usually installed on the metal rim, it can support the car body, buffer the external impact, realize the contact with the road and ensure the vehicle running performance.

According to the different tire rubber formula, vehicle environment and driving habits of different, tire life will vary. So, we need to drive a little more heart, tire aging is also a sign. For example, the tread part of aging mostly began to emerge from the bead or shoulder edge parts such as small crack, long-term sun and rain will let the rubber surface appear in circles, these cracks at this time that the bearing capacity of the tire and quality have already started to decline, in order to reduce the risk of tire replacement ahead of the best.

In addition to aging, tires also wear naturally. Therefore, the factory tire will mark the wear limit on the tire side before leaving the factory, so as to indicate the real time wear of the tire. But with no signs of wear of tires we can also be measured with caliper, general groove depth below 1.6 mm tire can continue to use, because the tire drainage performance and anti rolling performance will decline. In addition, if a tire has been repaired three or four times, then we recommend that you better change the tire to the non drive wheel or rear wheel to reduce the risk of tire blowout.

Of course, the life of the tire is also closely related to the normal use of the normal. First of all, we must ensure that the tire is always under normal tire pressure, too low or too high tire pressure will tire buried hidden dangers. Need to remind you that don't believe what your eyes see, because now most of the car assembly is a tubeless radial tire pressure, sometimes from the outside will feel a little flat, but it does not mean a loss of gas, professional tire pressure instrument is the only way to test the tire pressure.