Always check the status of solid tires

- Oct 17, 2017-

A tire is a ring shaped elastic rubber product that is grounded and rolled on various vehicles or machinery. Usually installed on the metal rim, it can support the car body, buffer the external impact, realize the contact with the road and ensure the vehicle running performance, and use the solid tire of the friend to move to check the situation.

Often check the solid tire, early detection of tires whether there is bulging, cracks, cuts, nails, rubber aging and abnormal tire wear and tear, etc.. Special attention should be paid to wear check the tire tread and the tire edge, which may be due to poor positioning or tire pressure is not normal driving by, and when parking from scratch will be negligent to the side of the tire wear caused by abnormal. If any damage is found, the tire must be examined by professionals. Long term running under incorrect tire pressure will not only result in early wear of tires, but also affect vehicle driving performance, such as lower tire pressure will increase fuel consumption, excessive tire pressure will harm the chassis system of the vehicle.