Jiangsu Topower Tyre Co., Ltd.

Who we are Jiangsu Topower Tyre Co., Ltd. was established at Yancheng, China in 2012. The factory has 28,000 square meters producing specialist solid tires in Industrial, OTR and press on classes as well as lift platform, spongy rubber tires and rubber machinery parts. As one of China's National High-tech Enterprises and leaders in solid tire manufacturing, TOPOWER has many patents for solid tire technology. As a member of many international associations including International Powered

Hot Products

    • Ceramic Factory Solid Tire

      Ceramic Factory Solid Tire

      Because of the wear-resistant, puncture-resistant and high load capacity of solid tires,Topower solid tires are widely used by major ceramic factories.

    • Pharmaceutical Factory Tires

      Pharmaceutical Factory Tires

      Pharmaceutical factory refers to the factory that produces raw materials such as antibiotics, chemical synthetic drugs, biochemical drugs, phytochemicals and various pharmaceutical preparations or traditional Chinese medicine,general rubber tires can not meet the high requirements of the manufacturer.